The newest Technology in Macular Degeneration
and more
Final Wednesday,  the 6 of 6,
in the Live Webinar Week Series!
• Innovation  • Patient and Surgical Devices
 Advanced Star Wars Technology Today

15 min Webinar with Q&A
Wednesday's  @ 5pm pt
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Oculenz Headset shield with spectacle lenses in frame front

Innovators are disrupting the  'I can't help you'
broken paradigms. 

OR-Bot Surgery Visualization Theater
Headset looking at 3D screen of eye surgey, monitor stats one side, more monitors other side

Victoria McArtor wearing Oculenz device
August 4th
Introduction to the next generation in augmented reality for low vision patients suffering with macular degeneration.
August 11th
Case studies prove increased visual acuity at distance and near. Learn how the brain interprets the new technology immediately.
Macula with green area maping scotoma
August 18th
Learn about maping the macular scotoma from inside a new technology device, modifying the images so the patient experiences vision being more fluid and natural.
Victoria McArtor wearing Oculenz device
August 25th
Each state has an Assistive Technology center for people to try low vision aids. There are new devices that these resources don't have. Learn the difference currently available to patients and eyecare professionals.
Surgical stand with equipment and no chords
September 1st
Innovation in surgical equipment is also disrupting norms. When the doctor benefits from new technology, patients also benefit with the results.
Macula with green area maping scotoma
September 8th
Recap the technology, resources and devices for Macular Degeneration. More time will be allocated for questions and answers.
Lovely woman, shoulder length auburn hair, frame with bling and a great smile.
About the presentor
Kathy L. Friedman, LDO
An optician for over 39 years specializing in ophthalmology, Kathy L. Friedman, LDO believes new technology devices are only as good as the people using them. 

She wants you to know what's new and where you can find it!

Author, speaker and educator, 'Katie' has advanced certifications in spectacles (ABO-AC) and contact lenses (NCLE-AC) plus the estemed Fellowship by the Contact Lens Society of America. This demonstrates her commitment to excellence.

With the need for information getting from new technology distributors to eyecare professionals and then to patients, her mission is to bridge the communities because
"Vision is more than Eyecare." 

Innovators are disrupting 'I can't help you' broken paradigms. 
This 15 minute educational webinar series includes
10 minutes afterwards for Q&A . 
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